Uath family photo

Werewolves after Megan is shot

Uath Family
Biographical information
Died Late August, 2001
Farmhouse, Scotland
Occupation Farmers
Other names
Status All deceased
Appearance information
Portrayed by Bryn Walters
Ben Wright
Brian Claxton Payne
All appearances Dog Soldiers
Uath. It's Celtic. The family's lived in this glen for centuries.


The Uath Family was a family of Celtic Werewolves living in the highlands of Scotland, in their own farmhouse.


Early historyEdit

Hunting as a packEdit


Only four Werewolves entered the house. Two of the Werewolves followed Cooper and the Sarge upstairs, whilst one battled Spoon. As he seemed to get the upper hand, the final Werewolf blindsided him, and he was killed.

Cooper stabs it in the head, causing heavy bleeding, and possibly even killing it - it did not persist in trying to get in, and was not seen again.

Megan transformed fully at around this time, and entered the kitchen. She snarled at Sam, but did not attack[1].

Known family membersEdit

  • Two couples
  • One single man
  • Megan (forced adoption)
  • Sam

Behind the scenesEdit

'Uath' is Celtic for 'horror'. It is also a sign of death, fertility and change in Celtic astrology[2]. All of these things, with the exception of fertility, reference Werewolves.

Since Megan claimed that Werewolf packs are led by a younger male, it can be assumed that the younger, single man is the alpha male.

It is unknown what happened to the final Werewolf not present in the house. It may have been the individiul in the barn, still eating Terry.

List of appearancesEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. The Werewolf who snarls at Sam is visibly not one of the ones eating Spoon, but a sixth individual. It also seems to lack one eye, as the transformed Megan does.
  2. Celtic Astrology - UATH