Terry Milburn
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Portrayed By: Leslie Simpson
First Appearance: Dog Soldiers
Cause of Death: Beheaded
Planning on scoring, Sarge?

– Terry to Harry G. Wells.

Private Terry Milburn was a member of the British Army group in Scotland, and one of the main characters in Dog Soldiers.


Dog Soldiers

Wells' squad, including Terry, are dropped in the Scottish Highlands as part of a supposed training exercise. That night, while the squad are camping, the mutilated corpse of a cow drops down into the camp from a nearby ledge, terrifying Terry most of all. Cooper notices that the animal was mauled rather than gunned down, and the squad decides to find how the cow died in the morning.

Terry and the squad follow the trail left by the dead cow, until they see a flare fired into the sky. Following it, the squad finds the ravaged remains of a Special Ops camp, with a traumatized and hypothermic Ryan as the only survivor.

As dusk falls, the squad hears the howls of approaching werewolves and retreat into the woods, where they come under attack by the pack. Saved by a passing Megan, the squad seeks shelter at a deserted cottage to treat Wells' wounds.

Initially, Terry and the other soldiers attempt to wait the werewolves out until dawn, at which point the creatures will revert to human form. However, during one of the werewolves' attacks on the cottage, a werewolf is able to drag Terry out through a window.

The werewolf takes Terry to the cottage barn, where it begins eating him alive. Later, when Joe arrives at the barn to take the Land Rover, he sees the werewolf devouring Terry, who is still alive. The werewolf then severes Terry's neck with its jaws and throws Terry's severed head at the Land Rover's windshield.


Dog Soldiers