Biographical information
Died Mid August, 2001
Scottish Highlands
Occupation Writer
Other names
Status Deceased
Appearance information
Portrayed by Craig Conway
All appearances Dog Soldiers

This man was camping in the highlands of Scotland with his wife or girlfriend, when he was killed by Werewolves.


Early lifeEdit

He was a writer. At some point, he met a woman, and may have married her.

Death and legacyEdit

Both of the people went camping in the highlands of Scotland in mid August 2001, near a lake. The woman gave the man a silver letter opener, and reminded him not to loose it, since it was made of solid silver.

That night, together inside their tent, a Werewolf unzipped the entrance and grabbed hold of the woman. It and the man engaged in a terrible game of tug-o-war, and the man looses; the woman wass dragged out and killed. Splattered with blood, he tried to reach for the letter opener, but was killed.

Both of the bodies were taken by the Werewolves to the cellar of the Uath Family Farmhouse, the letter opener discarded amongst the stored bodies.

A Mountain Rescue team eventually found the ruined tent, covered with blood, and the story went viral, soon becoming a campfire tale.

Behind the scenesEdit

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