Eddie Oswald
Biographical information
Died 1991
Iraqi border
Occupation British Army member
Other names
Status Deceased
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Portrayed by
All appearances Dog Soldiers (mentioned only)
So you could say that Eddie was right, Satan did indeed save his skin, just not all of it.

Harry G. Wells.

Eddie Oswald was a close friend of Harry G. Wells and a member of the British Army. Whilst serving in the Gulf War, he was blown up by an anti-tank mine during a sweep along the Iraqi Border.


Although a Christian, Eddie was a drinker and a womanizer. However, as a man of god, Eddie was also deeply faithful, and believed in the supernatural, telling Harry G. Wells to keep an open mind.


In the armyEdit

Whilst in the Gulf War, Eddie met Harry G. Wells in 1991, and the two quickly made friends.

Eddie and Wells, both drunk, visited a tattoo parlour. Whilst Wells got a tattoo of a desert rat, Eddie proclaimed that - although his soul belonged to god- his flesh was irredeemable, and belonged to Satan. Thus, he got a tattoo of a laughing Satan on his rear.

Death and legacyEdit

About six days later, when the group were performing a regular sweep along the border, cleaning up after pockets of resistance. Eddie accidently set off an anti-tank mine, and blew himself up. Almost nothing of Eddie remained, and the other men had to scoop his pulped up bits of flesh into bin bags.

One of the only perfect, unscathed parts of Eddie's body that survived the blast was the skin off his buttock, with the tattoo of Satan.

Eddie's death, and the Satan tattoo surviving perfectly, deeply shook Wells and the other men. The story stayed with Wells for the rest of his life, and, when he became a sergeant, he recounted it to his squad in the highlands of Scotland.