Browning lying on ground
9mm Browning Hi-Power
Type Firearm
Users Richard Ryan
Lawrence Cooper
Harry G. Wells
Witherspoon (briefly)
Take the weapon... and use it.

Richard Ryan to Lawrence Cooper.

The Browning Hi-Power is a type of pistol. The 9mm variant was the default sidearm of British Army soldiers.

Richard Ryan used one to shoot his own dog; Harry G. Wells used his own to shoot and incapacitate Megan. Wells' Browning was later used by Lawrence Cooper to shoot Ryan, who had transformed into a werewolf.

Behind the scenesEdit

At the beginning of the film, the pistol Ryan used to shoot the dog had no magazine in it. The Browning Hi-Power also has magazine safety, so even if there was a round in the chamber, he could not have fired without a magazine. His gun also appears to switch hands between shots.

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